Is Srimanthudu a copy?

Is Srimanthudu a copy? Well, we don’t know, but Sarath Chandra, who writes weekly articles, alleges that Srimanthudu is a copy of his story that got published in a popular magazine in the year 2012.

Koratala Siva, who directed Mahesh Babu Starrer “Srimanthudu, ” has received applause from all over for portraying such film. The film has also made good money and left producers of Mytri Movies in joy. “Srimanthudu” is about how a self-motivated guy adopts a minute village and develops it.

Mahesh Babu in Srimanthudu
Mahesh Babu in Srimanthudu

Now, Sarath Chandra, who writes weekly articles for Swathi Magazine, alleged that he wrote the original Srimanthudu story as “Chachhenta Prema” and is published in Swathi Weekly Magazine in 2012. Chachhenta Prema is a story about Veligodu Project and how a man is expelled from a distinct village and later his son comes back to the village without the knowledge of his father.

The story resembles Koratala Siva’s “Srimanthudu” and thus Chandra claimed so. He further added that he wanted to the same story with Nara Rohit, but couldn’t do for some reasons.

Sarath said that earlier when the film released he didn’t know about it as he was in Kerala on his personal work and had come to know of his friends who called him and informed.

Sarath Chandra lodged a complaint against Koratala Siva at Writers Association for plagiarism.

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