Is Samantha’s Boyfriend Upset?

Top actress Samantha has in her recent media interaction spilled beans about her personal life when she was asked how she was enjoying her single status.

Samantha Boyfriend
Samantha Boyfriend

Samantha shot back saying she was not single. The Actress further said that a young hero of Tollywood has been in a serious relationship with her, and both their families have already given their consent for the wedding, which is bound to happen sometime next year. Samantha also added that her boyfriend has no qualms if she wishes to continue films even after the wedding.

Ever since Samantha broke this news to media, the phone of the young hero never stopped ringing as countless people began enquiring him if the news revealed by Samantha was true. The unwanted attention seems to have irked the actor, and he is learnt to have conveyed to Samantha that she must not have broken the news to media.

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