Is Salman Khan got engaged?

It has been reported that Bollywood Super Star Salman Khan got engaged to his longtime girlfriend, Lulia Vantur. Salman Khan has been dating Lulia for a couple of years, and recently engaged her among in the presence of his and her family, says Bollywood rumour lady.

Salman Khan and Lulia Vantur
Salman Khan and Lulia Vantur

Salman Khan had been dotted with many other foreign models and actors of a long relationship. Though many didn’t make it to the final list, it was Lulai who managed to conquer the box-office king. It was Salman who made her wait for engagement. As planned earlier, after the marriage of Arpita, Salman and his parents suggested him to lead a new life. Salman, who thought of getting married in the earlier month of this year, was pulled into drink and drive case of 2002.

Salman, who was granted bail and later on the case moving to Supreme Court, fetched him enough time to get engaged. And now, finally after waiting a very long years he is marrying his love interest.

Lulia Vantur is a Romanian TV anchor. She first met Salman Khan two years ago. From them on their friendship turned into love and then into a relation. She was seen in many family parties and functions of Salman Khan too.

Recently, Lulia was spotted with a ring on her wedding finger, and so she got engaged to Salman Khan, says Bollywood. Well, this is true, or the same as the previous rumours shall be confirmed

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