Is Ram Charan Miffed with Pawan Kalyan?

If the latest reports in film circles are anything to go by, Ram Charan is unhappy with the comments made by his uncle, Pawan Kalyan at the audio launch event of A..Aa.

Ram Charan and Pawan Kalyan Movie
Ram Charan and Pawan Kalyan Movie

Pawan described hero Nithiin as his younger brother and wished to see him as one of the biggest stars. For the record, Pawan neither spoke this high at any Mega event about any Mega hero but he publicly supports other heroes, rued mega fans. The comments of Pawan have definitely not gone well with either Mega fans or Mega family.

Pawan made his entry and stardom in the film industry with the help of his elder brother megastar Chiranjeevi, and now it is the responsibility of him to help the younger mega heroes. Instead, Pawan is helping actors outside the family and keeping a distance from stars within the mega family, said a Mega fan.

Pawan fans, on the other hand, are saying that Pawan must be appreciated for treating all actors equally.

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