Is Prabhas Learning Hindi?

Prabhas is reportedly of learning Hindi so as to take the chance of even acting in Bollywood.

Baahubali” Prabhas is the trending hero in India. Thanks to “Baahubali”. Darling Prabhas has also become a well-known face in the Northern region of India. Bollywood is no exemption for it.

Prabhas in Baahubali
Prabhas in Baahubali

With “Baahubali” earning such a massive fame to Prabhas, he also accepted to do his first commercial. He is now no lesser than a Bollywood hero.

Since Prabhas is also got a good recognition from Bollywood, close allies and Family of his are suggesting him of taking few Hindi classes and brush up his Hindi language. In near future, Prabhas is expected of doing a straight Hindi movie. Once he completes Baahubali-2, he will be focusing on Hindi films.

Bollywood is no new to South Indian cine actors. Many have tried to make it in the national language, but most of them didn’t succeed. But Prabhas has the capability of sustaining in Bollywood, believes in close ones.

Actors like Rajnikanth, Kamal Hassan and even Baahubali anti-Rana have a good grip over Hindi, so is Prabhas is planning to undergo few Hindi learning lessons. Another thing to this is S.S.Rajamoli is planning to make Baahubali-2 in Hindi apart from Tamil and Telugu.

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