Is Namitha Using Padded-Bra?

When it comes to the film industry, it is very essential and important to be glamorous and good looking at all times and this holds very specific role for the pretty heroines. For them, it has always been their curves, cleavage and their total figure that is always on the scanner and these days the bust factor also has become quite significant.

In this process, there are many ladies are going in for padded bras and other accessories to show a good and juicy pair of assets. However, speaking about all this, they also agree that there is one starlet who does not rely on any such thing and she is none other than the busy and sizzling star Namitha.

It is heard that this Punjabi beauty is endowed with natural assets and her oomph and voluptuous presence has been hot enough on the screen to make the male audience go insane. This is surely seen in green with envy by the other starlets in the cine circuit. Lucky you Namitha!!!

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