Is Manisha Married?

According to sources Manisha Koirala may have wed Christopher Dorris in a secret ceremony. Dorris is an Australian writer, sports counselor and entrepreneur.

“Manisha is very impressed with the Australian and rumour has it that they might have secretly wed already. She was looking to marry early this year but then left town with him. Manisha was really looking forward to marrying Dorris. It should come as no surprise if they announce one fine day that they are husband and wife. Manisha is a very private person and you can expect something like that from her.” said a friend.

However when contacted, Manisha rubbished the gossip of a secret wedding. But she confirmed that Dorris and she have been spending quality time with each other in Paris and many other world cities. “I went on my own to Paris and met Chris much later. Chris and I have travelled to many places together,” she replied.

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