Is Kamna Jethmalani married!

Hot chick beauty Kamna Jethmalani , who acted in many Toollywood’s small budget films, is all set to enter into web lock with one rich Dubai sheikh. It seems this Arab sheikh launched a US TV show of Swayamwaram in search of a beautiful bride for himself to marry and finalized Kamna Jethmalani as the one to get married. Many beauties lined up in the contest and Kamna Jethmalani was successful in impressing this Arab billionaire. She planned to marry him secretly but the gossip spread very fast.

She currently do not have any film projects in hand and hence making regular visits to US to hangover with her Dubai sheikh with whom she was on date for quite a long time. But few sources are saying that Kamna already married to that Arab Sheik.

We have to wait for the Kamna’s reaction on this news.  

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