Is Aniston wear fake nipples?

Jennifer Aniston’s boobs are looking perkier than ever, sparking rumours that the actress is fighting nature with a little 15-pound silicone fashion accessory called Bodyperks – false nipples.

The former Friends star has always refused to enhance her breasts through surgery but she seems to be following in the footsteps of growing numbers of Hollywood celebs using fake nipples.

"Jen has always made it clear she loves the natural look and doesn’t want implants,” News of the World quoted a friend as saying.

"But she loves to feel confident going out wearing tight tops so this is a perfect way for her to defy her age without having to go under the knife," the friend added.

The ex-wife of actor Brad Pitt has always been keen for those vital parts of her figure to stand out in the crowd.

And she’s been particularly concerned since she started shooting for the new Adam Sandler movie ‘Just Go With It’ in Hawaii with gorgeous Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover model Brooklyn Decker, who’s just 23.

"Jen’s not someone to get paranoid about younger women. But she and Brooklyn are spending a lot of time in the heat wearing bikinis,” a source said.

"And that 18-year age gap between them is quite significant so Jennifer wants to look her best," the source added. (ANI)

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