Iron Leg Sastry Family in Troubles and Seeking Help

Remember Late Sri Gunupudi Viswanath Sastry, also popularly known as Iron leg Sastry. Well, who doesn’t remember that name and figure, after all the comedy that he made on his own physique will inevitably make to laugh.

Iron Leg Shastri
Iron Leg Sastry

His appeared in many movies like Appula Apparao, Aayanaki Iddaru, Aavida Maa Aavide and many more comedy films.

After his demise, the family has of his didn’t see much of caring from Telugu Film Industry. His family is going through poor financial conditions so far.

Noting this, a private news channel (V6 News) has telecasted a programme over his family and asked donations to save them from their financial crisis. Responding to it, comedy hero Sampoornesh Babu and young hero Sandeep Kishan has donated some money to their family.

Sampoo and Sandeep tweeted regarding this donation and asked people to donate whatever they can afford.

People who want to donate money can do it by depositing money in his son’s account. His account number is 30966715190 G. Sai Durga Prasad SBI Nidadavole Branch. Cell: 90001 78489.

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