International Cut Is Being Made For Shakeela Biopic

The biopics season s going on in Indian cinema over the past few years. While most of them are minting a good amount of money at the box office, there are also films which became disasters at the box office. Now, a biopic is being made on the soft porn actress Shakeela, who was a sensation in South India during the 1980s.

Shakeela Biopic
Shakeela Biopic

Directed by Indrajit Lankesh, this film is titled as Shakeela. Bollywood actress Richa Chadda is the lead actress in it. The shoot is now completed and the film is in the post-production stages. Meanwhile, the makers are planning to release two different versions of the film, an Indian cut, and an International cut.

The International cut will be shorter than the Indian one without any songs and dances. It is to appeal to the foreign audience. Ballu Saluja, who edited Dangal and Lagaan, will cut the International version of Shakeela. The film is slated to release in August in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam.

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