Interesting question on Samantha’s bikini photo

Samantha’s bikini photo triggered few interesting questions in South Indian film industry. It is known that a pic of Samantha in bikini ruled the roost soon after the release of “Sikandar” flick. Interestingly, this angle is not seen in the film. This bikini pose is something out of the film shooting.

“Who release this angle of Samantha?” turned out to be the talk of the town. As this pic was release soon after the release of “Sikandar” film, majority of the analysts are saying that this pic is a part of promotion from the film unit. They are saying that the film unit members released this pic secretly to the media for the sake of film promotion.

On the other hand, there are few assumptions that this pic has been released by few close members of Samantha. “Did they release it with her permission or did they release it without her notice?” is yet to be known. What ever, this pic turned out to be a super hit in the web space.

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