Innocent wins Lok Sabha elections!

Yes! Veteran comedic actor Innocent has just won this year’s Lok Sabha seat from the constituency of Chalakkudy for the CPM with a majority of near 14,000 votes over his opponents! It seems since the vote counting started, the beloved actor never even gave his opposition a chance to take the lead in numbers, much less come out as victors.


Innocent had run a hard campaign and went through many controversies and allegations since he announced his candidacy for the Left wing.

Many had questioned his sudden turn to the communist party, to which the actor replied with honesty that his family and him had been strong communist supporters for ages and that his father was a man who did work for the welfare of the party till his last breath.

His opposition had tried the strategies including filing a petition with the Election Commission to have a ban imposed on the popular actor’s posters and movies till the day of voting, quoting his potential undue influence over the voters.

However, Innocent being also the president of the Association of Malayalam Movie Artists or AMMA, his colleagues and friends from the industry showed him unanimous support by expressing their faith in the actor’s powers of leadership and his years of experience at the helm of such a large organization.
In fact, Mohanlal had gotten himself in to a bit of a tough spot for supporting Innocent openly, whilst bearing the rank of Lt. Col. in the Territorial Army himself.
Innocent had returned to acting after the elections and has been playing a pivotal part in Johnny Antony’s Bhaiyya Bhaiyya starring Kunchacko Boban, Biju Menon and Nisha Agarwal, till today the day of the counting of the votes.

So now it’s the much respected actor, cancer survivor and obviously gifted leader to show the people what he’s really made of as he steps in to the uncompromising and harsh world of politics as a representative of the people of Chalakkudy under the scrutiny of his fandom in general.

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