Inkosari movie review

Rating: 2.00/5

Critic Rating: (2.00/5)

What is all About?

It story about a group of six friends who are on verge of passing from college and each person’s life experiences.


Six friends Ajay (Raja), Shruti (Manjari), Bala (Kishore), Vicky (Harish), Sudhakar (Ravi) and Deepti (Richa) complete their college.They meet for one last time and then decide to meet on the same day next year.However, that doesn’t happen as everyone gets busy. After seven years,Hero Raja is back from US and tries to catch up with the remaining.He convinces all his friends for a reunion and plans for a 7 Day vacation to relive their college days. What happened in these 7 days and how each person’s life has taken turns forms the rest of the story.


Raja is as usual and nothing has changed for him, right from ‘Anand’ to till date. I guess he needs to work a lot on his performance and expressions.


Manjari’s appearance is good but not good enough when it comes to her emotional scenes.


Richa performance is lackluster and she has done her bit with energy and contributed.


Vennela Kishore is the life and soul for the movie, witty dialogues and energetic performance, he is the show-stealer.


Harish and Sandeep did justice to their performance.


Gollapudi Maruti Rao was as usual and Saira Bhanu looks seductive.


Director Suman Pathuri needs a lot to contemplate on the screenplay and narration.


Music is okay.


Over all Inkosari is a decent movie and a good time pass movie when you watch with your friends. This movie would appeal to the class audience and nothing in it for the masses. The film will require positive word of mouth to survive at the box office.

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