Injured John Abraham undergoes surgery

Johan Abraham was reported of an injury while filming action scenes for “Force-2” in Hungary(Europe).

John Abraham
John Abraham

While shooting for an action sequence, John Abraham felt down and met with a knee injury. Immediately he was rushed to a local hospital. As the injury was deep, the doctors performed minor surgery over John. Doctors removed the clotted blood from the injury part and made his knee better.

With the surgery coming to an end, John decided to participate in the shooting. But, director Abhinay Deo suggested that of having a good period of bed rest.

With the director’s decision of giving rest to the lead hero, shooting has been halted for two weeks.

Force-2 is the sequel of Force that came in 2011. John Abraham was also the hero in the first part. Sonakshi Sinha is the lead heroine in Force-2.

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