Indrudu Movie Review

Rating: 3.5/5

Critic Rating: (3.5/5)

The much-awaited film “Indrudu” has hit the screens today. It is the Telugu dubbed version of the Tamil movie “Naan Sigappu Manithan”. The movie doesn’t have big stars or other commerical elements. Yet it was being projected as a commercial entertainer. To find out the fate of the movie, Read Indrudu Movie Review.

Plot :

Indran (Vishal) suffers from Narcolepsy (a sleep disorder that forces him to fall asleep whenever he experiences extreme emotion) since birth. He grows up to be totally dependent on his mother (Saranya)and is unable to travel anywhere without her support.

Saranya desperately wants to get her son married. But it is not possible for Indran to have an intimate relationship because these powerful emotions will invariably trigger his sleeping disorder.

Meera (Lakshmi Menon), daughter of a rich business tycoon (Jayaprakash) comes into his life and gives it a new meaning. Her father is against the match though, as he fears that his daughter will not be able to bear children if she marries Indran. But Meera is determined and together they discover that Indran never falls asleep despite all provocation under water

This leads to them experimenting in a swimming pool, where they eventually get intimate and Meera gets pregnant.

Fate delivers a cruel blow to the couple just when they thought all was good. Meera gets gang-raped brutally while Indran is helplessly asleep.

How Indran, who has absolutely no clue to the identity of these men, finds them and avenges his beloved, who is lying in a coma, forms the rest of the story. Quite intriguing, indeed.

Performances and Technical Aspects :

Vishal as Indran, has delivered a commendable performance. It’s certainly not easy to essay the character he did. His frequent collapsing appears absolutely natural with no superfluous theatrics. Kudos to the director for bringing out the best in him.

Lakshmi Menon plays her part perfectly. Her depiction of pain in the gang rape scene deserves a special mention.

Saranya, who plays the quintessential adorable mother of Indran, gets into the skin of character and is delightful to watch.

Director Thiru is the hero of the movie. His intelligent screenplay keeps the audience totally engrossed till the very end. In the absence of big stars, he ensures that the movie keeps the audiences on the edge of the seat.

The screenplay of the movie, though novel, is quite patchy. Poor editing too!

Music by G V Prakash is excellent, creating the right ambience and intensifying the emotions of the characters.

Richard’s cinematography is impressive especially in scenes where we see the use of hand-held camera.

Hawk-Eye Analysis :

“Indrudu” stands testimonial to the fact that a simple story can also be portrayed in an engaging manner. One such way is what we see in this film, which is not an exceptional thriller, but definitely has the potential to keep you hooked.

By taking care of all the smaller details, the makers have earned some respect from the audience.

The narcolepsy angle has been used very effectively from the story’s perspective. We are told that only water keeps our hero from falling asleep and when we see how water becomes a very important aspect of the story, we smile in amazement.

The first half of the film is extremely engaging with a good mix of drama and humour. Jagan keeps the audience in splits with his witty one-liners.

The biggest drawback of the movie though is that the story takes a different turn in the second half, deviating from its central theme and characters. This loses out on the audience engagement quotient.

All drawbacks aside, the subject has been well researched and interpreted without being overly sensational or melodramatic.

Overall, “Indrudu” is a riveting revenge drama with an honest narrative, excellent performances and entertaining twists and turns.

Barring a few glitches here and there, the movie makes up for a good one-time watch, especially for its novel concept and above average performances.

Final Verdict : 3.5/5

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