Indraja in talks for Pawan Kalyan Movie

In order to get a chance to play a crucial role alongside the power star Pawan Kalyan, you need to be an artist with strong credentials. For instance, the senior Bollywood star Mukesh Rishi has always been a chosen favorite in most of Pawan’s movies.

indraja in Pawan movie
indraja in Pawan movie

Now, the discussion is about Pawan’s mother in his new movie being helmed by the wizard of words Trivikram Srinivas. It is heard that a new mother has been approached and she is none other than Indraja.

It is heard that the final talks are on and if all goes well, she might be seen as Pawan’s mother. This is indeed a golden opportunity for Indraja to bounce back into the race and put a check to her lean phase. It all depends on how well her performance quotient is in this movie.​

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