Indian Cricketers Having Fun With Kangana

In India, cricketers and cinema actors experience an everlasting and never ending craze. When both of them come together, it would be a real fun. Usually, we see cinema stars endorsing brands and acting in advertisements, but very rarely they team up with cricketers for these ads. Now, our Indian cricketers MS Dhoni, Virat Kohli and Ravindra Jadeja are seen endorsing a leading mobile brand along with Bollywood top actress Kangana Ranaut. This ad is now going viral during the IPL matches.

Indian Cricketers Fun with Kangana Ranaut
Indian Cricketers Fun with Kangana Ranaut

Ravindra Jadeja watches a video of Kangana in his mobile phone, and it is when Kohli, Dhoni come together with another phone having much picture clarity than the previous one. The new smartphone gives a perfect clarity of viewing experience, and the cricketers feel that Kangana has come out of the phone and is performing in front of them. The cricketers start dancing with the heroine and add fun to the video. You can watch the video in the middle of IPL match breaks and also on Youtube.

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