Indian celebrities who fought Cancer

More than three fourth of the World is under the threat of a deadly, life taking disease called Cancer. It has no concrete cure, involving a rapid unregulated growth of vicious cells that destroy the body with malignant tumors and non curable symptoms. Few celebrities world over have faced the odds, fought or fighting the disease with fierce courage, setting a perfect example of reel heroes gone real.

Let us take a look at some of the celebrities in India who have lifted the hopes of millions with their sheer zeal and perseverance while combating the condition. Turns out, Cancer needs a lot more than ‘filmy’ emotions to get over with. We bring to you some inspiring cases who went on to survive, making it all look possible.



MumtazMumtaz now

The cute yesteryear Bollywood actress who performed head to head with the likes of Rajesh Khanna suffered with breast cancer most part of her life. Mumtaz gave up the silver screen at the age of 26, to enter into a family life post which she was diagnosed with breast cancer. The actress finally battled and kicked the disease goodbye at an age of 54. Mumtaz went through multiple chemo sessions, worked out hard on fitness and health, and never gave up. Perhaps the very reason why she stands out like a shining example of courage even today.



GouthamiGouthami with kamal

Tollywood and Tamil actress Gouthami, known for her amazing talent and sex appeal in the early 90s, had a traumatic personal life in lieu of which she was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 35. Gouthami was at the most lonely phase of her life when a malignant tumor was detected and she had to stand up and fight for survival. Actor Kamal Hassan is said to have stood by her like a strong pillar of strength while doing so, thereby helping her to get off the serious medical condition. Gouthami leads a peaceful life with her partner Kamal Hassan now, and often shares her experiences as a cancer fighter with many.


Lisa Ray

Lisa Ray Bald

One of the most beautiful models of the country and Bollywood actress, Lisa Ray was known for her killer figure and sharp features. Lisa was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, cancer of plasma cells, in 2009. This sent shock waves to the industry even though Ray took it calmly and bravely. Lisa went on to combat the condition, sharing experiences via interviews and blogs, wowing the world. She finally bid cancer goodbye after a tough battle and even married, stating to one and all that nothing is impossible if the heart wills to fight.


Manisha Koirala

ManishaManisha Bald

Manisha Koirala, the Nepali beauty who ruled the Bollywood screen with her acting an smile, had a tough time in 2012 when she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. This happened immediately after a painful divorce with her husband. Koirala never went down, and took the treatment with a brave face. Manisha was treated at New York at length, from where she would blog about her encounter with chemo sessions and keep the world informed. She even posted her pic after going bald for the sake of chemo, showing her inner beauty and guts. Though Manisha is still not completely cured and is on a road to recovery, the diva is doing an amazing job, getting busy with films and new assignments, showcasing a sheer warrior inside of her.


Mamta Mohandas

Mamta Mohandas with Cancer second time

The Tamil, Malayalam and Telugu actress who impressed many with her singing and acting talents, never had it easy. Mamta was battling cancer since young years of her life. She went through a tough treatment for malignancy of her condition in the recent times, temporarily bidding goodbye to the silver screen. Mamta was back, winning her way to life when she unfortunately had a second relapse of the cancer cells few months ago. But as most of us have already seen, Mamta is set to kick the disease once more and braving the odds.


Yuvraj Singh

Yuvraj Singh

The sensatonal cricketer known for hitting sixes over the stadium tops was diagnosed with a life threatening lung cancer, called Seminoma, that was said to be one of the tough ones. Yuvraj underwent a long treatment in US, where he literally suffered in pain while going through chemotherapy. Many a times, he would blog such detailed accounts of his suffering that fans would be left touched, shattered and praying. His mother was heavily instrumental in bringing him back to fore, staying by his side every minute of the treatment. Yuvi is back with a bang, continuing to hit those sixes in a row, amazing and inspiring millions who are scared. He also penned his journey with cancer in a book, The Test of My Life.


Akkineni Nageswara Rao (ANR)

ANR Stamps

The legend of Telugu Cinema who fought cancer most part of his later life, passed away recently at 91 after living a gigantic life despite the illness. ANR stands as a role model for many, for his career in films and his undying attitude as a fighter. He even made a press statement while shooting his last film Manam, conveying a strong message that he is ready to even it out with the deadly condition, inspiring many.


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