Inder Kumar’s wife calls him innocent of rape

Bollywood actor Inder Kumar who was arrested on the charges of rape and assault upon a complaint filed by a struggling actress, has a complete support from his wife Pallavi, who spoke to the media stating that he was innocent and that the girl willingly came to their house in Andheri residence. Inder’s wife claimed that the victim in question came to their house on April 23rd as well as the next day to pursue about her prospects with films.


The girl complained to the police that Inder Kumar sexually exploited her with promises to help her make it big in Bollywood. Pallavi threw a light on the matter and said that the girl was offered a role thanks to her husband and came over to take his guidance on fitness matters post that.

“The girl then started sending text messages to Inder saying that she loved him and wanted to meet him, and even sent a picture of what was supposed to be her slit wrist. Inder has been disturbed and was even feeling suicidal. He told her that she was ruining his life and even mentioned our daughter to her. All the people in our building will vouch for him,” she claimed.

However, Harishchandra Parmale, Senior Inspector at Versova Police Station had a different story altogether – “It was Pallavi who had first come to us to complain about Inder Kumar and his association with the girl. We will look into her claims” he expressed.

The actor will be detained in custody until further light on the probe.

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