In-Talk: Ali investing on land in Telangana region?

Ali Land

Comedian Ali is now stated to be on the rails of investments. As per the recent talk in the tinsel town, Ali has invested huge amount in Telangana region. It seems that he kept all the amount on lands. Real Estate shook a bit in Telangana soon after bifurcation and hence film celebrities are buying lands in Telangana region.

Now, again the land rates in Telangana are in raising state due to the investments from the foreign nations. In this scenario, buying lands at present is a profitable deal for the actors. Interestingly, Ali and few other heroes took real estate quite seriously and are moving ahead with land acquisitions.

Murali Mohan is stated to be the inspiration for the present actors in real estate sector. Film celebrities are now in political and industrial fields. Now, they are grabbing real estate too into their hands. Great going by the film folks!

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