In-laws are Reason for Amala-Vijay’s Divorce?

The hot topic in Chennai film circles is the rumored divorce of Tamil film director AL Vijay and actress Amala Paul.

Amala Paula and Vijay Divorce
Amala Paula and Vijay Divorce

The celeb duo entered into wedlock two years ago, and they have been already living separately for a few months now. Amala Paul’s active film career even after marriage was said to be the reason behind the differences between them. But, now it is said that Vijay had never interfered in Amala’s acting career and in fact he used to take her to film shoots.

It is heard that Amala’s in-laws brought immense pressure on her to stop acting in films. The tension created by the in-laws forced the married couple to live separately. Neither Vijay nor Amala has openly talked about their divorce as they are busy with their respective films but Vijay’s closed ones have leaked this news to media.

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