Imran’s Valentine’s Day with the ladies

Imran Khan is quite a romantic at heart but the star actually chose to work on his first Valentine’s Day after marriage, rather than pamper his wife Avantika Malik. And guess where was he? In the ladies’ compartment of a Mumbai local train!

Imran shot for a Coke ad at the Goregaon station in Mumbai on Feb 14. He even entered the ladies’ compartment, much to the delight of all the travellers, reveals a source.


Many girls who were in the compartment rushed to take Imran’s autograph and click pictures with him, and he happily obliged.


"It was a lot of fun shooting the ad. It’s the first time that I travelled by train, and certainly the first time I travelled in a ladies’ compartment," said Imran.


Mumbai girls got lucky as Imran shot from 9 a.m.-4 p.m. at the station and hopped onto almost every train.


The ad shows Imran rushing to catch the train. But he realises later that he has entered the ladies’ compartment.(IANS)

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