Imran and Kangana have kissed for over 24 hours.

Kanga and Imran
Kanga and Imran

Imran and Kangana, who will be sharing screen space in romantic comedy Katti Batti, have kissed over 24 hours while shooting for the song Lip to Lip De Kissiyan.

Sources say that the duo have kissed for around 8 hours for 3 days while shooting the song. The director of the film Nikhil Advani, said that “It was a great experience while shooting the song. Imran and Kangana are tough professionals. We used the Stop-Motion Technology while shooting the song, to capture the romantic flavour of Kangana and Imran.”

Katti Batti which is a new age drama between an Architect and a free spirited girl which involves will be releasing on September 18th. The team says that the emotions carried by the pair in the films are extraordinary, earlier Aamir Khan was shown the film, who left the theatre with tears in his eye’s.

Watch the making video of Katti Batti

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