I’m still alive says Telugu director Viplav Koneti!

Director Viplav  Koneti Death Rumours
Director Viplav Koneti Death Rumours

Since today morning there was abuzz that Tollywood young director Viplav Koneti’s death and few websites posted the news that he died due to some health issues. Some celebs also left condolence messages to the young director, but now the latest news is that director himself said that he is not dead and still alive. He informed this news through social media.

“I fell ill , hospitalized and cut myself off from phones. TRUE. Rest is a mystery .And I love death , I openly confessed it in my writings , art , talks. I learnt a lot from death which I observed from close quarters while I am in Medicine. DEATH is no joke for me. this is all because of a disturbance which I could not control and trying to control. I will try tougher measures so that such “disturbances” do not disturb other people,” Viplav posted on his Facebook page.

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Viplav Koneti directed a movie Hithudu starring Jagapati Babu in the main lead role but the movie is not yet released and soon the film makers are planning to release the audio of the movie.

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