“I’m Scared of Mohanlal’s Skills”, Declares Salim Kumar!

Salim Kumar, who is a brilliant comedic actor and of course a national award winning dramatic one, has declared that he is scared by the ‘naturality’ in the acting skills of stars like Mohanlal and Siddique.


The actor says he has always preferred effortless and ‘real’ acting, whatever the genre be, and whilst watching the sheer talent it takes to give a performance like that of Mohanlal’s and Siddque’s, he is afraid of what little more he can give to the industry or to himself. He also spoke of withstanding in such a competitive field filled with such greats. This rather interesting conversation took place on Kairali TV’s J B Junction, and the actor was talking to John Brittas.

The humble and straightforward Salim recently told the ‘ Best Actor’ national award winner and fellow comedian Suraj Venjaaramoodu to ‘be careful’ – of course, only after giving him his hearty congrats on the honour!

Salim had also recently stated that he planned to retire from acting in three years time; the reason he quoted being that ‘every job does, and should have a retirement age.’ He’s also picky these days about the roles he takes as he wants to stay true to his fans and doesn’t want to play parts they wouldn’t want him to.

The obviously down to earth and versatile artist has also decided, and is currently in the process of, putting on the captain’s hat and picking up the proverbial megaphone, by directing his own movie for the first time.

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