“I’m very romantic”, says Regina Cassandra

Regina Cassandra looks set to make a big splash in Tollywood. Her upcoming releases include Ravi Teja’s “Power”, Sundeep Kishan’s “Ra Ra Krishnayya”, Nara Rohit’s “Shankara” and “Pilla Nuvvu Leni Jeevitham”.


Regina, who is on a high post the success of her last film “Kotha Janta”, expressed herself in a recent interview with a prominent media house.

Talking about herself, she said she is impulsive at heart and is prone to taking instant decisions.

A few years ago, she decided to turn vegetarian after reading an article in the newspaper. “Before that, I would go to the butcher shop and fetch meat. Chicken was my favourite and I just loved roast beef that my mother made. But then, I read this article by PETA and started crying. I went to my mom and said I’m turning vegetarian,” she explained.

Regina admitted that her favourite hobby is reading Romantic novels.

“I love reading romance novels written by amateur writers online. I would have read over 300 by now. I especially love the bits, where they look at each other, he pulls her against the door and holds the girl’s hands, etc,” she said smiling and adding, “I’m a big sucker for romance although I hate flowers, soft toys, my pillow is enough to cuddle up and go to bed.”

But when asked if she’s dating anyone, she said, “Never believe what you hear, but believe what you see.”

When probed more, she said,”Mine won’t be a regular love story, that’s for sure.”

Well, the lady certainly seems to be on a roll. Only time will tell if she’s here to stay or just a “flash in the pan!”.

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