“I’m Ready To Expose” – Regina

Well, in a country like ours, only two things sell – Music and Sex ! For actresses to succeed in the film industry, it is often quoted that “She will have to expose a little to make it big. Shy girls won’t be a hit.”


This itter truth of the industry often gives jitters to the newcomers. They then have two options in front of them – Be adamant or Accept things the way they are! Some of them even end up leaving the industry as they cannpt afford to do intimate scenes on screen.

However,not everyone is bogged down so easily. The ‘Kotha Janta’ girl, Regina Cassandra is ready tot ake on the bad bad world of the industry.. albeit, on her own terms!

” I personally do not like wearing short skimpy clothes. But once you become an actress, you can’t really say no to everything,can you? I do not endorse nudity and explicit content on-screen. However, I’m ready to appear in glamorous outfits and even be a part of intimate scenes. But there’s on condition to it.. The director must convince me first. If the scenes are really integral to the plot of the movie, I won’t object to them”, says the much-confident actress Regina.

Regina is currently riding high on the success of her latest flick, ‘Kotha Janta’, which has earned her rave reviews for her look, performance and her on-screen chemistry with Allu Sirish.

Offers have started rolling in post the success of the film but the actress is cautious.

“I’m in no hurry to sign movies. As I said, I’ll only do those films which make sense to me. I’m not her to do mindless stuff only”, adds Regina

Well, here’s a breezy newcomer in town who certainly looks different from the rest. Only time will tell if she is able to maintain her ‘exclusivity’.

More updates to follow..

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