“I’ll Quit Movies” – Pawan Kalyan

Well, one of the most talked about actor-turned-politican of the country has made these remarks!

Yes, they’re true! Read on to find why he said that..

Major political parties have left no stone unturned to garner attention to their campaign, to get most of the votes.

Even our Power Star Pawan Kalyan did his bit to ensure a major win for the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) in the Lok Sabha Elections.

His speeches which were doctored to appeal the masses to vote for NDA, were inspiring, with some even talking about going to vote only because their Power Star told them to do so!

pawan kalyan quits movies

In one of his recent speeches, Pawan went a tad overboard on his emotions and said, ” I will not sit and watch if any justice is done to my people again. I won’t tolerate any sort of injustice. I’ve got no interest in movies. If anyone tries to be unfair to the people, I will fight for the people. I will battle corruption. I am even ready to quit movies for the people”.

He went on to add that other political parties were corrupt and people shouldn’t be voting for them.

“If YSRCP leaders give money to you for votes, just take it. Don’t reject that. But just don’t vote for them. You need not be loyal to them for that. It is your money which they have looted from you. It is your money! Take it. But Vote for Bharatiya Janata Party (BJp) and Telugu Desam Party (TDP)”, Pawan Kalyan said.

It only remains to be seen who will come to power in the state. However, we’re sure the audiences wouldn’t want their Power Star to quit movies.

More updates to follow!

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