Ileana’s stunning opinion on s*x!

Curvy beauty Ileana D’Cruz stated that s*x is probably made to keep people in good shape. She mentioned that as it gives pleasure, its necessary for people. This statement stunned audience as no one expected such a bold statement from Ileana that too in the public.

Ileana on Sex

As a part of a Health Magazine meet, Ileana gave this stunning statement to the media. Previously, Ileana shocked one and all with the statement that she used to discuss about s*x with her father, when she was 16 years old. Looks like, Ileana’s image is raising in Bollywood due to these bold statements.

Interestingly, Rani Mukharjee and few other heroines in the present scenario talked about s*x and all these talks got good attention from audience. Of course, this “A” rated talks may get beeped in the TV as children too watches TV most of the time.

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