Ileana injured while dancing!

Andhala Khazana Ileana is presently acting in the Tamil film Nanban, which is a remake of Bollywood’s super hit film 3-Idiots.Currently a song shooting for the film is in progress, for that song Ileana was rehearsing the steps in the choreography of Farah Khan.

As per the reports while rehearsing the steps Ileana has slipped and broke her leg and the doctors, who treated her, have advised her to take rest for few days. So she will be away from the shooting for few more days. Earlier Ileana was also suffered with an ankle injury too.

Once she is back the film unit is going to shoot the song and the reaming shoot for the film. So far most of the film shoot has been completed. The film is being directed by Shankar.

Actors Vijay, Jeeva and Sriram are playing the lead roles in the film. The film will also be released in Telugu version simultaneously along with Tamil version.

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