Ileana hiked her Remuneration!

Many of them know that Andala Khazana Ileana is the highest paid actress in South Indian film industry, now she has hiked her remuneration again. As per the reports she is charging Rs 1.50 crores for the remake of 3 Idiots film in Tamil, but now she hiked her remuneration to Rs 2 Crores per film.

Recently Rs 1 Crore is the highest remuneration in Tollywood, which is also the threshold limit for actresses. Actresses like Anushka, Kajal, Nayanatara, Trisha and Ileana comes under one Crore remuneration heroines list. Now Ileana crossed all of them and charging the huge amount,

As per the sources producer Danaiah has offered her this amount for his new film and reportedly she accepted that film. Her new film "Shakthi" is ready for release soon.

But recently Tollywood film industry had a meeting on cost reduction of making movies, in that Several actors and actresses had agreed to cut their remunerations to save the film industry and producers from rising costs, while movie making.

But now the question is why she hiked her remuneration and how the producer agreed for it. Presently the Tollywood producers are having a discussion with the Cinematography Minister DK Aruna on hike of Ticket prices in movie theaters.

Why this producers are paying more money to the heroes and heroines, on the other hand how they are asking to hike the tickets price, which will affect the audience to watch the movie in Theater. Because of this reason only many of them prefer to see movie at home or on Internet itself instead of going to theaters.

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