Ilayaraja Stopped @ Bangalore Airport

Legendary music composer Ilayaraja has met with an awkward experience in Bangalore airport.

Ilayaraja along with his family was coming back to Chennai after visiting few temples in Mangalore. In Kempe Gowda International Airport in Bangalore, the musician, who was on his way to catch the flight, was allegedly stopped as his bag contained prasadam. Ilayaraja was bringing the prasadam from a noted temple.The security officer asked Ilayaraja to step aside and scanned him with a machine.

Ilayaraja at Bangalore Airport
Ilayaraja at Bangalore Airport

Ilayaraja’s son Karthik Raj got hugely upset with the treatment meted out to his legendary father. The legendary musician ended up with having a scuffle with security officials for more than one hour before he and his family members were finally allowed to catch the flight.

A top official who saw this in CCTV cameras came running to apologize and send the musician to catch the flight.

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