Ilayaraja and SPB to get reunited soon

Even before forgetting the happened issue between Legends Ilayaraja and SPB, the duo is set to get united soon.

SPB and Ilayaraja
SPB and Ilayaraja

Yes, it’s a sweet piece of news for music lovers who got hurt with the recent incident. SPB has declared that he would never sing Ilayaraja songs in the future again after seeing the legal notices. But the Young and dynamic Tamil hero Vishal being the Chief Secretary of Nadigar Union, he is going to felicitate Ilayaraja for his life achievement. On this occasion, he is also planning to organize a wonderful musical concert with many veteran singers singing the songs of Ilayaraja. Vishal stated that SPB would also be participating in this function and sing Ilayaraja songs. He also stated that he talked with SPB as well about this issue and got the nod.

Now all are so excited to see these two musicians on one stage and get reunited after that issue. Despite the future, all are lauding the attempt of Vishal to bring these two together.

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