Ilayaraja shocks SPB with legal notices

All the music fans have seen an awful thing happened between two legendary personas of the music world. Here we go into the details.

SPB and Ilayaraja
SPB and Ilayaraja

We know that the legendary singer SP Balasubramaniam has been participating in his world tour with a name SPB50. Right now, he has been touring the US. The other day, he received shocking legal notices sent by Music Maestro Ilayaraja for singing his songs without his permission. Deeply hurt by this, the Singer took his Facebook to deliver a message. In his message, he stated that he has been touring many countries and he didn’t understand why Ilayaraja sir sent these only after ending the tour in the US. However, SPB made it clear that he will not sing Ilayaraja songs anymore and will sing songs of other musicians.

SPB stated that he was deeply hurt with Ilayaraja sir’s act. It’s a noticeable thing that the notices were also sent to singers Charan, Chitra and show organizers. However, SPB asked all not to comment on anyone with hurtful comments.

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