Ilayaraja lashes out on actress Rohini

Normally, we rarely see the music director Ilayaraja talk at an interview or a public stage. But the legendary composer lost his cool and made some strong comments recently on actress Rohini. If we get into the story, there was an event held last month, called Ilayaraja 75.

Ialayaraja and Rohini
Ialayaraja and Rohini

The legendary musician was felicitated by the celebrities across Tamil cinema at this event. Actress Rohini hosted this event. At one point, when director Shankar was on stage, Rohini asked him when would he like to collaborate with Raja sir. Before Shankar gave his answer, Ilayaraja interrupted and said, “I don’t like this.”

“Shankar would work with whomever he wants to. Are you trying to get me a chance? Why would you trouble Shankar by asking such questions?” he asked. Rohini tried to cool the situation by saying that that was not her intention behind asking the question. Later, Shankar gave an answer but everyone was shocked by this kind of response from Raja. The video is currently going viral on the internet.

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