She can’t do such  Hot scenes for remix ?

Swetha Basu Prasad who told and urgive that she did not any experience for hot and romantic experssions for remix songs. She is already donesizzling numbers in the recently released Ride refused to do a very hot and romantic song for her current film. Not only she refused to give ‘sexy expressions’, she also fought with the director, cameraman and producer and walked out from the sets. This incident happened today evening (September 15, 2009) at Annapoorna Studios where a special set has been erected and the song is being canned on hero Nikhil and Swetha.

The song is remix of super hit song, "Aa Bugga Meeda..” from Vajrayudham shot on Krishna and Sridevi. The original song was picturised very romantically by K Raghavendra Rao. Likewise, this remix song is also being canned very hot but Swetha Basu refused to give romantic expressions for the song citing they are vulgar. When the makers argued that they are shooting it aesthetically, she reportedly started mouthing cuss words. “Tollywood s***s,” she reportedly said and walked out from the sets. Now the shooting came to halt.

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