Iddarammayilatho Review

Rating: 2.00/5

Critic Rating: (2.00/5)

A review for a film can easily become victim to the critic’s mood and when the film fails to brighten his day it can sound way awful coming from him than it actually was. On another day the critic is in a good mood, but, the film is so unpleasant that it strips him off his joy and ends up getting a bad and hateful review.

Somehow a positive outcome for both parties seems far-fetched because of the rarity of that dreamy day when a (Telugu) film brightens it all up. You can bank on Puri to pump you up for the day, but, today was not to be.


Akanksha (Catherine Tresa) is the daughter of a central minister (Rao Ramesh) facing allegations of involvement in a major scam. Akanksha is packing her many cases (three of them just for teddy bears) to leave to Spain to study psychology.

Pop quiz: What do mainstream Indian girls do abroad?

– Psychology majors who are ultimately fooled by the hero’s incredible sense of everything

– And Fashion designers for the sake of a word

And Akanksha has her reasons to justify her strong persona. You see, it’s to look at the world with that childlike wonder where every grass root and grass hopper is the best thing that ever happened,her words not mine, slightly paraphrased. But, Akanksha often came across as a bad actress playing an autistic adult whenever she had to do give life to ‘The Girl That Packed Teddies’.

Akanksha lands in Spain and the first thing she discovers in the new house is the ex-tenant’s (Komali) diary. The diary contains Komali’s experiences in Spain, mostly about her boyfriend/street performer Sanju. Sanju and Komali had a great thing going until the inevitable Puri mafia made its way into the plot in the most unconvincing manner and ends up giving Sanju a revenge routine.


The film moves between the present and the Komali flashbacks and when it was time to somehow fit in the mafia into all of this, it took some over-elaborate moves, then again, when did over-elaboration ever bother them?


The pun of the dialogue was occasionally on the money, but, the protagonist having to deal with our version of the modern musician who uses instruments either to smash heads or to finish the costume is a lot to deal with. I just think of it as a terrible fate and let it be.

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