"I’m too old to work in films"

Shah Rukh Khan’s wife Gauri, who is considered a super stylish and glam celeb spouse, feels she is too old to get into films.

"I am quite old now. Had I been young, I would have done one," Gauri told Shah Rukh when he asked her if she would work in films as well.

She said this at an event on August 26 to annouce them as the brand ambassadors of D’Décor, the world’s third largest furnishing company.

This is the first time that Shah Rukh and Gauri have teamed up for an ad.

"I feel very humble and happy when any company signs me as their brand ambassador and so I am very happy to be part of D’Décor," Shah Rukh said after he and his wife were officially declared the brand ambassadors.

Gauri added: "I haven’t worked so hard ever, so after working for two long days, I slept last two days. It was a fantastic experience."

Shah Rukh, known as a caring husband and father, was quite attentive at the event and made sure Gauri was comfortable. He helped Gauri in holding the microphone properly so that the media could hear whatever little she had to say.

Ajay Arora, managing director of D’Décor, decided to sign them as brand ambassadors because he felt they were the best examples of perfect homemakers.

"We thought that apart from being celebrities, Shah Rukh and Gauri have made a wonderful home, both by decor and feeling, so we decided to make them brand ambassadors of the company," said Arora.(IANS)


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