I Did Not Speak Bad About Pawan Kalyan

It looks like Renu Desai is not going to be in peace for some more time now. After quitting Twitter because of the hatred, she has to come and clarify that she has nothing bad to say about Pawan Kalyan as some people have created fake reports which reveal Renu speaking badly about the actor cum politician who is her former husband.

Pawan Kalyan and Renu Desai
Pawan Kalyan and Renu Desai

“I really thought that finally I will be able to use my Instagram in peace but life is full of irony’s! The same people, who, when I was getting abused nonstop for 5yrs for no fault of mine, told me to ignore the abuse and just keep silent! I was accused of being an attention seeker, trying for free publicity for my films and lots more! The nice ones just told me that this is all a political ploy and I should just “ignore it”!

Now, when some stupid political person is circulating an image which is negative about Kalyan garu, my instagram inbox is full with messages, some requesting me, some rude, some threatening me, some nicely asking to come out and defend Kalyan garu and say those words are false! Wasn’t my self respect important when I was being abused on a personal level for 5yrs for no fault of mine?

Also, please note that I will never ever speak bad about Kalyan garu in public. No political party can ever influence me to talk negatively about the father of my two kids.” said Renu Desai.

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