‘I am Nirupama’ – Manju Warrier

Mollywood’s current queen Manju Warrier who has made it clear that talent knows no age barriers with her hugely successful comeback movie How Old Are You says that her character, Nirupama Rajeev, bears many similarities to her real self.


A woman in her thirties pursuing her dream while battling society’s preconceptions about age and gender? Yes, the story does seem to oddly resemble Manju’s own life the past few years, which have been the fodder for much gossip media attention.

The actress says the project was not just work but almost like a reflection of her soul and she thanks all those who stood by her, believing in her and having faith in her talent, even after all these years. It isn’t very often a female actor returns to the big screen after a decade and a half to such an emotional and heartwarming embrace form her fans.

Manju believes that the adoration she has received from her fans through all these long years must make her more responsible to them as an actor and as a person in the public eye. So combining the two was a good move in hindsight as How Old Are You, she says, is dedicated to all those women who live their lives for the well being of their families and that of the world.

The expectations of how good the movie will turn out to be from her fans, was simultaneously a cause for fear and inspiration for Manju – truly a sign of a born artist.

How does she feel now that she has made her return to the craft she loves in grand fashion?

“I feel like a kid who just recovered a lost toy and can’t stand the thrill of the moment. The making of the movie was where I rediscovered myself and I can’t thank enough those responsible.” A jubilant Manju replies.

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