Hype raising for Poonam Pandey’s Malini

Poonam Pandey in Malini

Poonam Pandey’s “Malini” is now turning hot in Tollywood. Till 2014, it has been under covers and Poonam Pandey turned too hot in South India with the New Year bash on Dec 31st night. This made audience look at her venture “Malini”.

To continue Poonam’s fever, film makers of “Malini” are coming up with hot promotional stunts. It seems that several hype raising events were planned to take “Malini” to the next level in the hearts of audience. At present, Poonam Pandey is after Sunny Leone with respect to craze.

Photos: Malini and Co Movie Stills

Now, if she bags a hit with the flick “Malini”, we can expect Poonam Pandey to cross Sunny Leone. Poonam, who generally releases her flick with a high level stunning act, may come up with similar stunt for “Malini” release.

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