Hyderabad Love Story Movie Review

Rating: 1.5/5

Critic Rating: (1.5/5)

Movie Name Hyderabad Love Story
Movie Rating 1.5/5
Movie Cast Rahul Ravindran, Sija Rose
Director Satya
Music Director Sunil Kashyap
Production Company SN Reddy
Release Date February 23, 2018

Rahul Ravindran and Rashmi Menon have played the lead roles in the movie Hyderabad Love Story. Raj Satya is the director is the movie. The film started in 2014, but it is finally seeing the light today. It’s been almost four years since the launch of the movie. The makers finally grabbed a release date and came up to the theatres today. Rahul Ravindran who’s trying to make his Mark has been struggling for a hit. Let us see the review of the movie here.


Hyderabad Love Story Telugu Movie Review
Hyderabad Love Story Telugu Movie Review

Karthik (Rahul) is a civil engineer who deals with Metro Project constructions. He falls for Bhagya Lakshmi (Rashmi Menon), and she also loves him. When they are about to propose the same, Karthik’s ex-lover Vaishnavi (Jiya) enters the story. How did Vaishnavi’s enter become a reason for the unnecessary disturbances in Karthik’s life forms the story of the film?


The film was made four years ago. The actors’ look and personality reveal the same. There is nothing great to reveal about the performances. Rahul has improved a lot now, but this movie shows us the old Rahul. Most of the scenes looked artificial with his acting. Rashmi Menon also delivered an average performance in the film. She failed to impress with the looks. Jiya is the other heroine in the movie who’s on board for glamour purpose. But her role didn’t work. Rao Ramesh role lacks continuity. All the other actors fit their roles but had no scope to perform to their extent.


The writing is bad. The story and screenplay failed to impress. The flat writing is a huge minus. The twists are unfolded reasonably, and it is a minus point.

Technical Aspects:

Sunil Kashyap music is a huge plus point of the movie. The tunes are fresh in the film. The background score appeared repetitive. MR Varma is good with his camera work. But the film’s content could not help him much to explore. The editing is okay and good. The technical team tried its best but could not impress.


Rahul Ravindran chose not to promote the movie as he was aware of the result. He, who’s suffering from constant flops is going to taste disappointment yet again. The film almost fails in every aspect. The film offers the boredom of the audience. The bad performances from the actors and not so well technical work of the movie resulted in the movie becoming a failure.

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