Hyderabad Civil Court bans PSV Garuda Vega

A city civil court has ordered PSV Garuda Vega producers and YouTube not to screen the film. The court also said that the film should not be uploaded on any social media platforms. The interim order was passed by the court after a petition was filed by a city-based Uranium corporation, which complained that the film shows the company in poor light.

Garuda Vega Movie Banned
Garuda Vega Movie Banned

As per the petition, PSV Garuda Vega shows the illegal transportation of nuclear raw material from India to North Korea. In the film, a ship called Garuda Vega is used for the illegal transportation of Plutonium, Uranium, and Thorium.

The petitioner corporation, in its complaint, stated that the court that the film shows that there is a Uranium plant at Thummapally and Jaduguda in Andhra Pradesh and that the corporation’s image was affected due to its screening.

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