Huge Demand For Brahmotsavam in Overseas

Superstar Mahesh Babu is undisputed king of overseas. No other star can match the craze of Mahesh, especially in the US market.

Brahmotsavam Beats Baahubali
Brahmotsavam Beats Baahubali

Even the flop films of Mahesh have done over million dollar business in the US. With Mahesh Babu’s upcoming film ‘Brahmotsavam’ being a family film and the combination of Mahesh and Srikanth Addala proved to be super successful with SVSC, the craze for the film in overseas is exhilarating.

The overseas rights have been pocketed for a record sum of Rs 13 Cr. The biggest ever release has been planned in the US for the film. Premier shows will be screened on 19th itself in many parts of the world. The film is expected to clock more than 1 million dollars with premiers and first day collections itself.

Brahmotsavam must breach 3 million dollar mark to be a safe venture.

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