Hrudaya Kaleyam Director Files Defamation

Hrudaya Kaleyam filmmaker Sai Rajesh who is also known as Steven Shankar has now taken an extreme step of filing a defamation case against one of the top Telugu websites. The director was upset with an article published on their site. Though the article did not carry his name, it hinted about the director only and the filmmaker immediately approached the court and filed a defamation suit.

steven shankar
steven shankar

Taking to Twitter, he posted that he served the legal notices to the website as well as the chief editor of the site. “Demanding Immediate removal of the defamatory Article from their site and to tender an Unconditional Apologand Damages of Rs. 2CRORE and also to refrain from posting defamatory articles against me. Many sufferers in Industry since a Decade with their baseless gossips…..But iam not going to give up this time…..I hope My Hunger Strike till death in front of Telugu film Directors Association atleast wakes up this Industry. 4 more defamatory legal notices sent to the people targetting me In twitter and other social networking sites.”

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