Hrithik Roshan’s Midnight Auto Ride!

When celebrities have fun in the city, it surely comes as an experience to share! It so happened that Greek-God looker Hrithik Roshan was stranded on road, after his car broke down and the star took a fun auto-ride home.

Hrithik Roshan Auto Ride

His car broke down at the middle of the night and he hired an autorickshaw to take him home. On his way back, he clicked a picture and tweeted it instantly. The unusual part about the whole experience was that the driver didnt recignize him.

The superstar tweeted, “Car bangbanged! Night time auto ride home! I love my city! Funny thing is d driver has still not recognised me! Fun ”

Hrithik is all set and prepared to amaze all with Bang Bang. The movie has raked really positive reviews already. The wait ends on October 2nd!

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