Hrithik Roshan to become highest paid actor in India?

Hrithik Roshan has a laundry list of accolades to his credit and the glamorous and talented superstar remains a fan favourite here and among international audiences at times. But this new report is just mind blowing! Wondering what it is?


Well, rumours are flying around that for his next movie with Ashuthosh Gowarrikar, Hrithik is charging an amount of no less than Rs 50 crores!! The movie in question is of course the epic project Mohen Jo Daro.

This has many people in the industry raising their eyebrows in perplexed concern, as the movie is still to take flight on practical terms as Ashuthosh is yet to find even a studio to shoot. This outrageous demand by Hrithik must have the director backed in to a corner now, or has the whole thing been negotiated already? The questions remain.

Anyways, it seems Hrithik will not, in return for his payday, be taking a cut of the profits derived from the film, which is what’s usually done in the big flicks.
Now, if Hrithik’s paycheque alone is Rs 50 crores, one can imagine the sheer magnitude and scope of the movie itself! It is rumoured to be the biggest Indian movie ever made in terms of production values and budget.

How will this fare though, against the epic from the south – the proposed mega flick by Shankar to be produced by Eros International and another international entity which is also rumoured to have a budget of around Rs 200 crores or more?

Guess we’ll have to wait and see..

However, if the rumours do prove to be true, then Hrithik has beaten Rajnikanth as the highest paid actor ever in Indian cinema. The Superstar claimed this title when he made Enthiran.

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