Hrithik Roshan health suffers again

Hrithik Roshan, who has recently recovered from a traumatic brain surgery, is back to the health woes again. The star actor known for his amazing dance moves and acting skills has been going through a lot of health turmoil lately. Adding to the existing issues is his new tweet that popped up lately on the social media hinting at another problem.


“Does anyone out there have a solution/cure for shin splints!!? Been battling it all my life. Maybe twitter has d answer! Let me know!” he tweeted, causing worry to his fans.

The shin splints is a generic painful condition in the lower part of the leg between the knee and the ankle. This is a rather exhaustively long process where one heals with quite a difficulty.

Hrithik, who is currently shooting for Bang Bang with Katrina Kaif is not new to injuries. He has constantly injured himself while filming for stunts and dance moves. However, the recent brain surgery left a significant impression on him as a person.

Adding to the health turmoil is his personal shock when wife Suzanne called it quits to a decade long relationship, citing issues with her in laws. Though Hrithik had maintained silence and grace post the incident, this has left a remarkable hurt to his personality. While the media and the fans speculate whether the two will ever get back together, Hrithik is keeping up, trying to battle the obstacles like a lone warrior.

The hunk walked out of Karan Johar’s anticipated film Shuddhi, where he was supposed to be seen playing the role of Lord Shiva.

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