Hrithik Roshan and Pooja Hegde’s Love Story?

Hrithik and Pooja Hegde Love Story
Hrithik and Pooja Hegde Love Story

Lead stars in Mohenjo Daro, Hrithik and Pooja have been seen around together more than usual and rumors state that they are more than just friendly! Even though we have all adored the relationship between Hrithik and his ex-wife Susanne Khan, unfortunately, for whatever reasons, it had come to an end.

As it appears, Hrithik has obviously gotten busy with shooting for films, this could be just another publicity stunt for the promotion of the movie. Nonetheless, it is hard to rule out the possibility that Hrithik has finally moved on from his childhood sweetheart!

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These rumors came to life after Hrithik and Pooja flew back together from Bhuj after a shooting. There is no evidence to these rumors, but the duo have such perfect chemistry, who wouldn’t wonder!

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